Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Sunday

It was busy week! I didn't realize I how much I missed this place. It is my home. Yesterday, I covered my first triathlon. It was so cool. It was considered a sprint triathlon because it consisted of a 300 yard swim, 14.8 mile bike course and 3.2 mile run. I am strongly considering finding a group so I can do the relay part of this event. Swimming is not my thing but I love running. But it has inspired me to stay healthy.

Yesterday, was a 12-hour day with triathlon and home and garden show. I am tired but I loved it. My mom is doing okay. She is having good and bad days. She has hardly know appetite.

Hopefully, my son will be coming for a visit this weekend. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It all depends on my husband's mood.

I have found a dentist who will help me restore my smile. With my insurance, roughly about four years and $3,400--I should have my smile back. ED did some serious damage do my teeth. I will have 17 teeth pulled since they can't be saved. I am so excited. This is motivation to keep the job.

Daily Dose

1. Finding a dentist!

2. Continuing to hold on and not give in to ED!

3. Watching the Lake House!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you're getting your teeth looked at. I know that having a healthy smile can do wonders for confidence and self-image. The triathalon coverage sounds like fun! I'm not terribly athletic, so it's cool for me to see people in action that way. Glad your mom is doing OK. And I hope you get to see your son!

  2. aw that sounds pretty painfull to me.. but if this is what it takes to have a great smile then sounds pretty awesome :)

    i really hope to spend the weekend with your son!!


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