Sunday, April 4, 2010

Role reversal

This is a picture of my nephew Devyn and my son, JJ, playing together. They are quite a pair.
There has been a change in plan. My mother is still in the hospital. She took a bad fall in her hospital room yesterday afternoon. She fell on her already broken arm and because she was alone, no one knew she had fallen. She laid there for awhile and had an "accident." Meanwhile, I am in RR and my brother had went home to take a quick shower. We both felt horrible. So I am here now at the hospital with her until she is released.

I have difficult decision to make--stay with my dream job in RR or move home and care for her. I had the talk with my editors and they are willing to do anything to keep me. My brother is doing best he can but it isn't fair on him to shoulder all of this. Tomorrow, I will talk with the staff to see if there is any options for my mother. She receives her cancer treatments at one of the hospitals in the area.

It is hard. It feels like the roles are reversed. Plus, my mom and my brother are trying to give their input about my marriage. It has been a long day for Silly Girl. I know this hospital better than I know the town of RR. The best things to eat in the cafe. Figuring out the coffee machine in the waiting room.

Daily Dose

1. Spending time with my mommy.

2. Getting a chance to bite the ears off of the chocolate bunny.

3. Eating a pot pie from KFC.


  1. I really hope you can figure out a solution that is best for all of you and I'm sorry your mum had the fall, I bet it has added to your concern for her and worry around what is going to happen next. I hope you're okay!

  2. Thanks! I'm hanging in there! I just want her to be okay!

  3. I also hope you can figure this all out; I know you have been trying for your dream job for a long time! Maybe the newspaper could do a shorter workweek with longer days so you could stay there (perhaps work four days full-time, then spend three days at home caring for your mother.) Another idea is maybe you could spend a few days each week at home helping care for your mom, but still write for the paper. Some places are still willing to do flex-time, change hours, etc. to keep people they really want.

    Anyway, remember to care for yourself too! Hugs!

  4. Caretaking is such a hard, hard thing. The roles ARE reversed, and I'm sure it's very difficult for you to juggle everything. I feel for you! I know you want to support and help your mom, as you love her so much; I also know that you love your job. Dealing with your marriage and loving your son are other things too. I think it'll be good to talk to the treatment team and your job and find out what's possible. Thinking of you!


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