Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Perks of being a magazine loving pen freak

We are still here at the hospital. My mom is getting better but grumpier. She's ready to go home. Today, I left the hospital campus and ventured to a Rite Aid. My mom wanted a pedicure. Or as close to one I could give. Next to the Rite Aid, a Books-A-Million with a Chick-fil-A nearby. Cue the angels and light shining from heaven. I was a happy Silly Girl.

So for lunch, my mom had chicken wings and dirty rice from Bojangles while I had my favorite Chick-fil-A meal. Her turkey club wrap looked at us while we ate. For dinner, I advised my mother to try White Chicken Chili in a bread bowl for dinner from the hospital. She took one bite and spit it into her napkin. I went to hospital cafeteria and got her fried chicken, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes and cornbread. She was happy. I got the chili. It wasn't bad. Could have been seasoned better but not bad.

The picture I have posted is from JJ. He wrote his name--JJ. I am so proud of my baby.
Daily Dose (Perks of living in a hospital)

1. There is always a newspaper lying around.

2. All types of free coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the waiting room.

3. Magazines. There are tons of them on tables all around the hospital.

4. Those miniature cans of soda.

5. If you are nice to a nurse or cna, they will be even nicer to you.


  1. Hurray for newspapers and the people who still read them! (And I like the mini cans of soda, too.)

    I'm glad to hear your mom is getting better. And I admire that you always, always see something positive in whatever situation you are in.

  2. My mom was in the hospital for awhile in January, and I would walk over from my university every evening after work/school and bring her a coffee and dinner - she was never happy with the food there. And always so, so happy to have someone to sit with her and keep her company. It's wonderful that you're there for her. I completely understand how it feels to have this sort of role reversal situation - but what you are doing for her is invaluable.

  3. Glad you're making the best of the hospital stay! I know it's not always easy. Your mom is so lucky to have you with her :)

  4. Hello :-)

    Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my lonely little single sentence blog.

    Can I also say that I admire your positivity and ability to make the best of a difficult time. I hope your mum continues to make good progress.

    Sarah x

  5. Glad you feel happy :)
    hey,here at the waiting rooms there are only magazines and no coffee ..such a pity..haha


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