Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting Out of Here

After being here a week and two days, my mom is getting ready to go home. She ate her breakfast with no complaints. I slept. I can find something to eat on the way home. Every two hours, my mom got up to use the bathroom. If she is up, I am up. Well, I need to go and make my final walk of the perimeter. It will be so good to get her home and settled in. Then I am going to spend sometime with my son tonight. And then I will be heading home tomorrow afternoon.

Daily Dose

1. She is going home!

2. She is semi-regular again!

3. Things can get back to somewhat normal.


  1. I find it interesting that you now think of North Carolina as home. :)

    I'm glad your mom's okay. Take care.

  2. Oh it's so nice that she's finally going home :)

    (hmm..there's sth wrong with my comments..they can't get published at your blog grrr! hope I make it THIS time!!)

    :) Stay strong (:

  3. Glad to hear your glad your mom is better and going home, home.

    Getting back to normal, or even semi-normal is always a great place to be.

    Take care, Silly Girl. :)


  4. I'm glad that you are getting back to semi-normal. I hope it gets better from here. Please remember to take care of you too!

  5. Glad to hear she's headed home (and you too). Hope things continue to go well!


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