Sunday, March 21, 2010

The weather is so delightful

Spring is here and I love it. The time is coming for cute tops, skirts and dresses. I am looking so forward to spring and summer.

Today, I went for a long walk and just explored the area near where I live. I did my monthly evaluation of whether I should look for an apartment or a house to live in. I am still loving the motel life. So for now I take at the Brookwood. I need to clean but other things get in the way like work and socializing. Yes, I the anti-social reporter has been socializing.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day so I hung out with my co-worker D. She lives on the Lake and wanted to show me her world. And her world is beautiful. We went to the flea market where I found a viewmaster for my son and a puzzle he will love. We had lunch at the most electic resturant that is a combination of resturant and general store. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday--exploring and talking. She took me to a Garden Center that had the most awesome gift shop ever. Gift ideas galore.

The day inspired me to go grocery shopping. I made a chicken, pasta and brocoli dish. No recipe. I did it on instinct. It is the first time in a long time I cooked without a recipe and went on inspiration. Even though, I miss my mom and son. I think the best decision was moving to RR and taking this job. I can't wait to show JJ this place. He's going to love it.

My mom is doing better. She told she went outside yesterday and is sleeping less. I am so glad. I am worried about where they shot the radiation under her arm. Hopefully, it will heal without complication. My son is getting over his stomach virus. I will spare you the details he told me. When JJ is asked how his day or life is, he will tell you. I miss my sweet boy.

I wish I could have another day off but it is back to work tomorrow. Sometimes, I wish I could win the lottery and have weekends forever. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend and may you have a happy Monday!

Daily Dose

1. Broccoli isn't that bad with pasta and a creamy sauce.

2. Watching the NCAA tournament. So far, Duke is hanging in there.

3. Reading the Sunday paper while eating outside. People watching should become the newest sport.


  1. I put broccoli in pasta with sauce too. It's the only way I'll eat it ;)

    I love Spring. My favorite time of year, as long as I don't get allergies! Glad you've had a relaxing weekend :)

  2. I loved this post! It actually made me smile :)
    I'm so happy you are doing great! What you cooked sounds awesome, maybe I'll try to make it myself one day for my friends!!

    And I have to admit that this year is the first one I actually enjoy spring time :D

    Love to reading your blog, honey!

  3. Spring is my favorite time of year and the sun fills me with extra positive energy! I kinda love broccoli - thanks for recipe :)

    Winning a lottery sound great, but first you have to buy a ticket!


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