Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am waiting anxiously to hear about my mother's test results. While waiting, I have written three stories, interviewed a farmer, had leftover chili and took almost a two hour nap.

So I wait. She also had radiation today. My newspaper allows us to have one free small ad in the newspaper each year. So in addition to having her name at the top of the newspaper, she will have a happy birthday ad from JJ and I. It's nice to have a little bit of power.

I admit that I am no where near being recovered. But I refuse to let ED take over. It is nice to go in the grocery store without having an anxiety attack or grab things at the front of the store. I am slowly regaining my love of cooking and going out to eat. I guess I am appreciating the life I have. And I am tired of squandering it. It's not fair to myself, my son and especially for my mother who is fighting for her life. You only get one life so it is important to make it count. And I planned to just that. So tomorrow, I am going to see the musical Bye Bye Birdie with friends and co-workers. I am not a musical person but will keep an open mind.

Daily Dose

1. I can talk about the ins and outs of growing cotton.

2. Leftover homemade chili taste better the second day.

3. Knowing that mean people get theirs in the end.


  1. Haha, enjoy the musical. I'm not a musical person either, but it's fun to get out for stuff like that. I'm glad you're fighting so hard versus your eating disorder. That's really great that you're getting out, enjoying eating, etc... especially when there's so much going on! That's such a great accomplishment.

  2. I really hope your mum is okay. I've never been through what you are going through right now but all I can say is I'm thinking of you and I really hope it's okay. You sound like you're doing really well food wise. Keep up the good work!


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