Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Regaining my joy

I love my job. Where else can you watch kindergartners learn about the human body playing Operation, watch chicks hatch and learn about electricity. Being a reporter rocks! No matter how tired I am, little kids can give you such joy.

After a hectic but great weekend, I am slowly regaining myself. I saw my mom and son. In fact, I organized a play session with JJ, my mom and my nephew. It was great seeing them all together. Of course, the digital camcorder was working overtime.

The trip was a whirlwind and I need to rethink going down on weekends that I work.

There is still the issue of JJ and I. I knew when I had my last relapse that it would be held against me. But I also think it boils down to my husband being insecure. My husband and I are different people who do different things with JJ. I am the book reading, library going, park visiting mom who encourages him to draw and scribble. My husband takes him to the movies and they watch cartoons together.

This is a crazy week with stuff to cover during the day and evening. The weather is going to be soooo beautiful this weekend. A shame I will spend the weekend sleeping. I have actually fantasized about sleeping.

I have been debating the getting back on meds or not and just focusing on therapy. I am doing okay but can see myself slipping back into restricting when I am stressed or upset.

Daily Dose

1. I love my job.

2. Listening to the conversations between my son and my nephews. Four-year-olds are a trip.

3. Wig shopping with my mom. It could have been awkward but not with my mom. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Her new wig is named Sonata and she is quite sassy.


  1. I love the way kids play too, that's why Andy and I are like a pair of kids, lol! One of the things I love about my relationship with him is that we have so much fun. He thinks I'm insane (in a nice way) and I think being silly and having a good laugh can fix so much. We are always playing jokes one another and now that (for me being in australia) it's now april fool's day and I'm sure he will play lots of jokes on people and I hope Im not one of them. Sorry for crapping on, I just liked this post. I'm glad you like your job. I often wonder what would have happened for me if, after training to be journalist, what it would have been like to actually work in the field.

  2. So glad you're loving your job :) I know the family stuff is stressful. As for meds, I would try therapy, and then talk to the therapist about your concerns. You seem to know yourself really well and know if you're in danger of slipping. That's what's most important. Meds are always there if you need them.


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