Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Tuesday which means I get to be LOST

Earlier this evening, it snowed. Again. I love snow as much as the next person but this has got to stop. My co-workers are beginning to think maybe I brought the snow with me.

After working some heinous hours yesterday, I get to unwind. This is great because I am tired. These antibiotics are kicking my butt. But they are working and I don't have MRSA.

Today, my partner in crime and I went to this barbecue restaurant for lunch. I hate barbecue. To me, it looks like someone regurgitated on your plate. But the fried chicken, sweet peas, mash potatoes and gravy were great. And so were the hush puppies. A very good lunch. A lunch I didn't stress about. A lunch full of good conversation. There is hope for me after all. My mother's birthday is in one week. I am not sure what to get her. She is in good spirits. I think it is because the radiation is almost over and so she will have surgery. She explained why they did the radiation. The spot where the bones broke had cancer in them. I knew it and I am glad to hear her say it out loud. On Thursday, she gets her other test results back. And for once, I'm not worried or stress. What will happen will happen.

Back to her birthday. I think we will take a mini road trip. Maybe hit some thrift stores and go to the fish camp she likes. We'll figure out something.

Daily Dose

1. hush puppies

2. chocolate donuts



  1. Oh, a mini road trip could be fun! What a great idea! You seem very at peace about your mom's situation, and that's good to hear. You are doing all you can for her!
    I'm so glad you don't have MRSA! And I'm also glad you get to unwind tonight! Good for you for doing the bbq lunch, even if it's not your favorite. I'm not a fan of bbq either. It's too sloppy for me! It's great that you could enjoy the conversation and relax :)
    Have a good night!

  2. now that your mother needs support,it's very comforting to have you by her side! Go and have fun, cause you both deserve this :)
    good morning, silly girl
    (it's 7.51 a.m)


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