Monday, March 8, 2010

Having a great day off

This morning I got up and decided not to spent my day off watching daytime tv. I headed to Pickle Land to see my friends and pick up any wayward newspapers along the way. I made a quick stop at Goodwill and Books-A-Million.

I had lunch at the Hibachi Grill with a friend who is also a reporter. Then I found my one of my favorite consignment shops closed. Talked to a sick friend and visited another sick friend. Went to my favorite library where I checked out some books on tape so I can have something to listen when I back and forth on I-95. Had an early dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant and shot some video of the building I worked at for six years. In a few weeks the building will be torn down and turned into a car lot.

Finally, I capped off my day of visiting with a visit to one of closest friends. All in all, I had a great day. It will help me get through this crazy week. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and she will be getting b-day surprises all week.

Throughout today, I didn't stressed about eating. I just went with it.

Daily Dose

1. Being surrounded around books in Books-a-Million. I miss this store so much.

2. Eating a taco salad from El Matzalan.

3. Spending time with my friends


  1. I love mexican food (not spicy though..)
    so glad you had a great day off dear!! oh, and I love the songs you have posted on the side, too!!

  2. Glad you've enjoyed your day! And it's wonderful that you were able to just go with the flow with food!


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