Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Working in a petri dish+ indulgence= sickness

I love my job. I hate the fact that I work in a petri dish. People are always sick here. I missed out on the bad cases of the flu, bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. But I got the boat to stomach virus USA. I started feeling weird Saturday night but thought nothing of it. During the Super Bowl, I felt like crap. And I'll leave it at that.

I went to work on Monday feeling crappy but by 2 p.m., I couldn't take it and went home. By nightfall, the vomiting and etc began. On Tuesday, I called in sick because I was exhausted and just plain feeling bad.

I am back at work today. I still feel iffy but there are stories to write and cover. Since Monday, I have eaten applesauce and Ritz crackers. Tonight, I had a chicken breast with baked beans and mashed potatoes from KFC. And it tasted soooooooooo good. So I am getting back to being me. I wish there was some vaccination I could take to work at my newspaper. I guess I just need to eat right, take my vitamins and say my prayers.

On a different note, my mother saw the orthopedic surgeon on Monday. On Friday, she will take a range of tests to see how far her cancer has advanced. If everything is okay, then they will schedule the surgery to replace the two bones in her arm. I am working hard tomorrow so I can leave early Friday to go home and see her.

Daily Dose

1. Sleeping on the bathroom floor feels so good after you have puked your good guts out.

2. After today, I understand what a blustery day means.

3. Finding the perfect Valentine Day present for my son.

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  1. Thank You SB and I hope that you feel better soon! Mind you, now you've got me wanting some KFC! Better teach my dog to pop out to the shops for me!
    Hope everything goes alright with your mum to. My dad was recently cleared of cancer after loads of radiotherapy. Its never easy but stay strong.


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