Friday, February 19, 2010

It's not all doom and gloom in RR

In the last two days, I haven’t slept well last night. I think the stress of my life is starting to get to me.
So this morning in a brief break between to events happening at the same time, I stopped and had breakfast. It was just a steak biscuit and orange juice. But I took a moment to just decompress and soak in the atmosphere of Hardees.

I am not in the best of moods. But I no longer want the world to end a fiery mess. I am working so much that I feel I am losing pieces of me. When I worked at the Tribune, I let my job consume me. I will not let that happen this time. A balance between work and self will be found.

I covered a Women’s Conference today that made me feel better. Actually, the first time I have felt good all week. One of the speakers was from the town where I used to live. Her presentation inspired me to do something with my life. As an adult, it is hard to make friends. It’s not like high school and college where you are in small environment. The real world is large and scary for the social challenged like me. As reporter, I talk with people everyday so I just need to put myself out there more.

I am leaving early in the morning to see my mom. She is looking forward to it. I think I am a better going to the doctor companion that my brother. He is all about making it to the destination and coming back. I like to take scenic route and stop places. Plus, my mother and I have had some really good conversations. I am not sure how much time I have left with her but I am going to enjoy it.

PS A special thanks to everyone for their kind words and prayers. I will do appreciate it.

Daily Dose

1. The chicken salad served at the conference was awesome along with the cup of broccoli and cheese soup. Not a broccoli fan but it was good.
2. I get to see my mommy and my boy tomorrow.
3. I got a new pen and it writes so smooth.


  1. well I'm reading your blog and it gives me so many good feelings that I thought you would want to know..
    I love the relationship you have with your mum because I have so many regrets for mine..Until last year we used to fight over silly things and I was making her unhappy but now I moved at a different place I work so hard to be friends with her and is really painfull when I cant express my feelings even to her. I love her and I hope she knows that. Show it to your mother if you can, as much as you can!!!!!!
    I totally admire you :)

  2. Thinking of you! Hope things go well with your mom and son. You really do have so much going on, and I hope you are able to sleep better and eat well. You've shown such strength through all this!

  3. I don't know your full story, but I do feel that you are running so fast that it's hard to even remember how to slow down. In the important activities of work and taking care of loved ones, I hope you remember the importance of taking care of yourself, as well.

    My wish for you is that you do something really special and good for you...alone. Something that makes you sigh with peace to think about. Whatever it is, make time for it:~)


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