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Best Friday in a longtime

Thursday was an interesting and long day. It started with doing many interviews at a high school. It ended with me interviewing a couple who had been married for 60 years. They were so cute and had a great story. Doing recon at a PTA meeting. And finally covering a meeting of a group planning to sue the school system I covered. I got home at 10 p.m. tired. After an hour break, I wrote the story and went to bed at 1 a.m.

I woke up early to write another story and to check the weather. Surprise, surprise--more snow in the forecast. I don't think I will ever make it home again until the spring. So I arrived at work in a foul mood. Plus, I am bummed about Valentine's Day. My husband has met someone. So I wasn't really looking forward to go home.

I think my co-worker knew this so yesterday after deadline, we went roaming. First to Big Lots to buy V-day candy for the newsroom. Then to Food Lion to find a flower for the design editor. We discovered that Dollar General is closing so we had to do some discount shopping. And finally to the community college bookstore for pens. I am a pen freak. There I say it. There are five coffee mugs on my desk full of pens. This is in addition to the primo ones in my bag. The bookstore manager is a pen freak so it will be great source of pens.

After the returning to the paper, we stayed for 30 minutes. Grabbed a fellow reporter and decided to use our gift certificates to go to this cool resturant down the street. I don't do well eating with others. It is something I have worked hard on. I did pretty good with them. We talked shop and ate some great food. I had broccoli and cheese quiche that came with a fruit salad. It was wonderful. Great food and great conversation.

When we finally returned to work, I wrote three stories. It was one of the best Fridays I have had in a longtime. Even though, I feel conflicted being away from my son and my mother. I am glad I work there.

My mother will find out about her test results soon. Her surgery for her arm is Feb. 22. She can't wait. I can't imagine having basically a broken arm for three weeks and it not being set. She is miserable.

Daily Dose

1. Getting my laundry done so I can wear my favorite jeans.

2. One of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman, comes on tonight.

3. Just vegging!


  1. Thank you for your comment! I so love the cat pictures, they always make me laugh. Call me strange, but I seem to understand cat facial expressions. I got to pat a cat today, it's been a while, and all she was thinking was get this bloody baby talking stupid woman away from me, lol! I admire you for becoming a journalist. This was what I studied to become at uni but I couldnt'do it. I hated the way all the newspapers talked about mental health issues and at the time, this was my life. Plus I couldn't handle the deadlines. My writing only comes when it wants to come, not when the editor needs to piece.
    Sarah :-)

  2. Hi Silly Girl,

    LOL! I'm a pen freak, too. I've lost count of how many I have and whatever paper I'm writing on, depends on the pen I use. What's that all about?

    It sounds like you had a great day with good friends and good food. Those are the best kind.

    Happy Valentine's Day Silly Girl.

    I'm sending prayers to your mom.


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