Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All is right with the world

The last two days have been a blur of activities. I drove home Sunday morning. I saw my son briefly before heading over to my mom's. She has lost a lot of weight and looks so frail. It scares me because the word frail and my mother should never be in the same sentence.

My dad and my brother have done a good job as caregivers. But when I took care of my mother, I spoiled her. I may sure she had a newspaper everyday and three meals a day. She pointed all of this out to me. I told her that they have jobs and the time I didn't have a job. She still expressed how nice it is to have me.

So after driving four and half hours, visiting with my son and driving an hour to her house, I cooked her a homemade spaghetti dinner. My dad either orders out or puts barbecue on everything he cooks. So I made enough spaghetti for her to eat the next few days. For some reason, my dad hates spaghetti. I have never understood this. How can you not like spaghetti?

Today has been interesting. I am writing from the radiologist. My mother is having the markers done for where they will shoot the radiation in her arm and pelvic area. Plus, we will find out her radiation schedule. It is all very overwhelming but I have found that I eat better around my mother. I guess I want to show her I am doing okay. Before the doctor's appointment, we had grits and liverpudding. (Yes, liverpudding is exactly how it sounds. It is an acquired taste and I love it.)

After the appointment, we visited my aunt, brought my mom a cane and brought the ingredients for t-bone steak dinner with baked potatoes and a side salad. I am not a steak person but it tasted great. I think because it made her so happy to have a meal she wanted and to see her daughter eat. I left her house feeling good. A hour later, I had a slice of cake and cold glass of milk with my son. My son helped to make it with my sister-in-law. We ate cake and discussed Scooby Doo. Then 45 minutes, I started my four-hour journey back to RR. I didn't get home until 10 p.m.

I had a trustee meeting today and a funeral for a co-worker's wife. I wasn't tired or stressed. On the ride home, I realized I have to take things as they come. I can't heal my mom but I can make what time I have with her good. So if she wants a homecooked meal or go on a little trip, we go. I have finally got my insurance cards so I am looking for a therapist. So things are looking up.

Daily Dose

1. Tonight is LOST!

2. I am working on the balance of work and play by looking at various activities.

3. The look on my mom's face is told me how proud she is of seeing my stories in the newspaper.


  1. Haha, yes, who doesn't like spaghetti? It's so nice of you to be such a caring daughter for your mother. I know she appreciates it. It sounds like you are doing really well with letting go, dealing with things as they come, as you said. I'm glad you got some time with your son, and that you're making a great effort to eat well!

    PS I've never heard of liver pudding before!

  2. Always spoil your mother when you get the chance SG!
    And isn't this final season of Lost soooo good so far!


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