Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A superhero Christmas

Oh to be boy and love comic book characters. JJ has made Christmas shopping so easy this year. He is getting: Iron Man socks, Marvel Heroes candy, Incredible Hulk jigsaw puzzles and some other stuff. And I found a digital camcorder at Big Lots for less than $80 bucks so it will recorded. I love easy Christmas shopping.

I finally got the pictures developed from his fourth birthday party. I included a picture of JJ and I and his birthday cake. He loved his cake even though he refused to let anyone eat him.

I plan to leave for home either tomorrow afternoon or early Thursday morning. While I miss my son and can't wait to see him, I am dreading going home. I am so glad that Christmas comes once a year.

I work with two other reporters. We were given the assignment of asking the people in the beats we cover what they would like under their Christmas trees. A simple question but hard to do when county offices are starting to close and people are taking vacations. Today, I actually went on my own stakeout to find the sheriff and county manager in order to get their comments. They hadn't returned my calls so desperate times call for desperate measures. I got my quotes.

I am procrastinating about wrapping all of this stuffr so I am off to do some gift wrapping.

Daily Dose

1. Dollar Tree is a true gem with tons of stuff for cheap.

2. The group Paramore is awesome!

3. I found tights for $1 at Dollar Tree. I love this store.

1 comment:

  1. Merry Christmas beautiful woman :)

    big love to you and your family.

    thanks for being such a lovely blogging friend.

    best wishes

    PS.. my boy is in to super heroes too :)


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