Sunday, December 20, 2009

Enjoying my day off

I am having a really good day. It's my day off. It snowed here Friday afternoon. I posted a picture I took for the newspaper. It made the front page for our snow coverage. Of course, the snow was long gone before morning. But it was so beautiful before it went away. Big flakes. I think my picture captured that.

Yesterday was my Saturday on duty at the paper. It was cold, frigid, rainy, full of sleet and snow day. I had two stories to do about two different police departments taking children shopping for Christmas. Seeing the happiness on those kids faces made the day worth it. I got schooled in the best Barbie to buy by this adorable little girl. I hated to explain to her that JJ was not interested in Barbie but Iron Man and Wolverine. And Barbie would be held captive and have to be rescued.

Today, I brought a digital camcorder at Big Lots to record everything. Unfortunately, I can't get the damn thing to work. I even called tech support and he was no help. So I will be making a trip back to Big Lots to tomorrow. All in all a good day.

Since I got this job (4 months and counting), I haven't seen my mom as much as I would like. We still talk a few times a week on the phone. For about month or so, she has been complaining about her back hurting. I know in my heart that this means her cancer might have spread.

I am not being doom and gloom. I'm just being realistic about things. I have already discussed the possible situation with my editors. They are very willing to work with me because as one said, "We would be insane to let you get away from us." If I have to schedule my life around her doctors' appointment so be it. She's my mom and for her and JJ, I'll move heaven and earth to take care of them.

Daily Dose (Bonus version)

1. I am starting to get in the Christmas spirit.

2. Today is a really good hair day.

3. I am getting the hang of this running thing.

4. Still loving Criminal Minds

5. I love my mom!


  1. It's so wonderful that you are so valued at work. I really hope your mom is ok!
    How's the running working out? Are you able to do it without obsessing about the exercise? I've never seen Criminal Minds, but I think I'd like it ;)
    GLad you're getting into the holiday spirit. Me too, actually!

  2. The running is going great but is hard to get up and run on those cold mornings. I try not to obsess but to just run and clear my head.

  3. I'm glad you're still loving your job! :) Sorry about your mom, though :( I hope she's okay!

    <3 <3

  4. hope things get better and wishing your mum well.
    happy holidays and take care!

  5. I do really like your Daily Dose SB. That your a very caring person also shines right through...


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