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I love horror movies

I am not a big Halloween person but I do love horror movies. I spend Saturday watching movies with a four break to go cover an event for the newspaper.

I started Saturday morning with "I Still No What You Did Last Summer" and "Ghost Ship." Then I saw one of my favorites "Halloween H20" was coming on that night. I was so excited. I have some really good memories of seeing that movie in the theater. After working, I stopped at Sonic and bought four corn dogs from Sonic. One poor dog didn't make it home.

After watching, my favorite one. I watched Halloween Resurrection and My Psycho Sweet Sixteen. If I had had a dvd player, I would have rented the Halloween 2, The Night of the Living Dead and Final Destination.

But overall, I was pleased with my selections and ate a ton of candy corn while watching them.

It is the beginning of the month. This means county commissioner and board of education meeting. Nothing gets my heart racing faster than a government meeting. And in 22 days, my little guy will turn the big 4. He is so excited and so am I. We are planning a little family party for him and I have already taken the weekend off for it. However, this means I will be working Thanksgiving weekend. So I will have to make other arrangements for food that day. And for the first time in my journalism career, I will be covering Black Friday. The things I will do so I can see my baby blow out his candles.

Daily Dose

1. Horror movies rock!

2. I am buying up all the candy corn I can find before it goes away.

3. Planning a birthday party.


  1. I also LOVE scary movies! I can't get enough of 'em. My husband hates them. I just love being scared. It's a thrill.

    Sounds like you have some excited things ahead with work and your son's bday :)

  2. Well I did just watch that film 'Paranormal Activity' the other night SB. Must say, I did have a bit of trouble falling asleep afterwards to!!

  3. I don't think I am ready for watching "Paranormal Activity." I stay in a motel. Enough said.


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