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Could sleep for 100 years

This week, I have worked my little fingers to the bone writing. I have been burning the candle at both ends covering events. I was so tired today that I dozed off while eating my lunch. I remember taking a bite of my corn dog and looking at the time. The next thing I know it was 30 minutes later. Sad but true. This is my weekend to work so I am still busy. But I see a wonderful bed and fluffy pillows in my not to distance future. I still have a Veteran’s Day march to cover on Sunday. And then I can head for home and see my guys. Plus, I will have Monday and Tuesday for some well-deserved R and R.
I have been so busy that I hadn’t realized the Yankees won the World Series.

But I did make time to cut my hair. My hair used to be very long and pretty but because of my ED, it started to break off. There were also a lot of split ends so I decided to just to make a fresh start and cut it. It looks amazing. The community college here has a cosmetology program with excellent prices for their services. In a regular salon, it would have cost me about $60 to $70 but there it was $24. I saved a mint and was able to help someone learn. A win-win for us. The photo isn't the best but I am proud of my haircut.

Daily Dose

1.I love my new haircut.
2. Not being bored because I am so insanely busy!
3. Will be headed home!


  1. I love getting my hair cut -- feels so good! I know being busy helps me stay on track, so I'm glad you have so much fulfilling work going on, even if it is tiring. I hope you enjoy your R&R :)

  2. My mom used to take me to the local cosmetology school when I was a boy. I usually got pretty good haircuts. But one time, a tiny young Italian girl did my hair so amazingly well, I thought she was John Travolta's personal hair stylist gone incognito. (This was late 1970.)

    Thanks for commenting on my Shadow Shot!


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