Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday and time for the Friday Five

It is Friday. It means I can sleep in tomorrow before I cover an arts festival in the afternoon. But also means it is time for the Friday Five.

Favorite Song at this Moment--Waiting Room--Fugazi I can't get this song out of my head.

Favorite TV Show--Grey's Anatomy I will trade events with fellow reporter's in order to see this show on Thursday nights.

Last Movie Seen--Zombieland It was what I needed on a really bad day.

Food I couldn't live without--chicken nuggets with ranch dressing from Chick filet

Guilty pleasure--Watching Gossip Girl while eating chicken salad straight from the container with crackers.

Person who always brings a smile to my face--My son

Daily Dose

1. Attending a health and wellness and bring back a ton of swag to the office. And by swag, I mean pens, notepads, water bottles and stress balls.

2. Being able to polish off a 12 piece chicken nuggets without breaking a sweat. Well, maybe just a little.

3. Knowing my work is done and I can do what I want this weekend.

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