Monday, October 26, 2009

In a good mood

Today, I am in a good mood. I had a great weekend. I covered three different events on Saturday. I am living my dream. I am tired but very happy. On Sunday, I went to Pickle Land to visit my friends there. I had a wonderful time. I still miss being there but I have finally made peace. It is okay to visit and return home. My friend T and I went to Target. There is no Target where I live. We didn't do much but I enjoyed it. Then I went with my friend S to an Eagle Scout ceremony for another friend's son. It was just so nice to be around friends. I will definitely have to visit more.

Today, I met an author named Sheila Moses. I do love my job. After covering the event, I treated myself to an eight piece chicken combo meal from Chick fil let. Yes, today has been a good day. And now I have three stories to write but I am looking forward to it.

Daily Dose

1. Meeting an author!
2. Having a good lunch topped off with a cookies and cream milkshake.
3. Eating the best homemade pimento cheese while watching Grey's Anatomy.

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