Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If at first you don't succeed, try try again

The Red Cross was having a blood drive down the street from the newspaper today. So I ate breakfast (biscuit and gravy), lunch (quarter pounder value meal) and dinner (ham and cheese combo)to make sure I was prepared.

In order to donate, I have to pass the dreaded iron count check. The first prick revealed a 12.3 iron count, which is good if I were at a doctor's office. The American Red Cross will accept 12.5 and higher. So two little points kept me from donating today. The nurse was so impress with especially after I explained about my ED history and my goal of donating blood. She gave a cool little flashlight and a list of upcoming blood drives. Before this year is over, I will donate some blood.

Daily Dose

1. I tried to donate blood.

2. Found some great books for 25 cents a piece.

3. I ate three meals today without stressing or worrying.


  1. What a great goal! You're so close!

  2. Hi Silly Girl,

    I came by to catch up on the news. Wow, you've been one busy girl. It sounds like the newspaper keeps you hopping and is giving you the perfect opportunity to write.

    I'm also very proud of your progress with your ED.

    ((Hugs)) to you and a pat on the back.

    See you again soon...


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