Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going home

After a crazy day yesterday, I made it back home to my hubby and son. Our house looks like a bachelor's pad with toys and animated movies. I was happy to see them and they were even happier to see me. I think me doing some cleaning before they got home helped also.

I don't know what they have planned for my birthday but I am sure it will be great. There is a lot of whispering and smiles. Officially, my birthday is Monday but I have board meetings and other stuff then so this weekend is my birthday.

I finally got my car back and have been super busy at work. I was a beat to cover in another county. And some of the towns I cover are at the end of the earth. But I am working on the balance of work, play and relaxation.

Daily Dose

1. It is good to be home.

2. My son's cat thinks he is a dog.

3. It is great to be home.


  1. Enjoy your bday! I have an October bday too (the 27th). I've always loved fall :)
    One of our cats thinks he's a dog too ;) Haha. Enjoy the time home!


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