Saturday, September 26, 2009

There is more to life than work and cable tv

I have made it through another week. And by Wednesday, I should be mobile again. The mechanic picks up the engine for my car tomorrow. And I owe this good fortunate to a new friend I made. A friend who is a Sgt in the Army. We'll call him GI Joe. Military guys know their stuff and mechanics. So soon my car will be fixed and I can go home and see my peeps.

It was my weekend to work. This morning I met the most amazing artist this morning. The Arts Council here spotlights an artist each month with the Sip and See reception and did have the artist work on display for a month. Tina Gregory is the artist and her work is amazing. One cool thing is that her husband makes the frames with wood from 100 year old barn. I am not one to attend art stuff and functions unless it newspaper related. I am going to attend not as Silly Girl the reporter but as myself in a cute outfit and socialize. I have been very fortunate to have this job. And I am not going to squander the opportunity. There is more to life than work and cable tv. If I isolate, it could lead to restricting and other stuff. So I need to get out more. Plus GI Joe has made it his mission to make me more social. So I hope I'll have more to talk about.

Daily Dose

1. Three meals and two snacks!!!!!

2. Meeting a very positive person

3. Knowing I made the right decision in accepting this job

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