Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recovering from a bad day

Ever had a day so bad that when you get home, you declare the day over. This was yesterday. It started like any other day. I arrived on time and did an interview at school. Then I headed for Jackson. To get to Jackson, you go through two towns and head for the middle of nowhere. A nowhere where I get NO cell phone coverage. None. It is in the middle of nowhere that my car breaks down in the pouring cold rain with no cell phone coverage. After sitting there for 15 minutes, a state trooper stops. He calls the newspaper to let them know that I am okay and broke down. The news assistant and her husband pick me up and take me back. My managing editor uses his Triple A to tow my vehicle back.

I used all the money I had to move to RR. A car repair leaves me weak and lightheaded. I was dropped off at my room. I found my favorite movie of all time--Pretty in Pink. It cheered me and was a sign that maybe being in RR wasn't a bad thing. After Pretty in Pink, I watched Ferris Bueller Day Off. Both those movies repaired my sanity.

Today, I met with the managing editor. He found someone to repair my car. The timing belt has went bad and will cost about $600. The owner of the shop agreed to accept payment split between two pay periods after my managing editor vouched for me. He said he didn't want me to sour on RR. Not many managing editors would go out of their way to help new reporter that is a long way from home. He has restored my faith in man and life in general. It's not easy being a reporter without a car but I am making it work and getting the stories done.

1. My managing editor rocks!
2. My lovely bed at the motel. It is huge and so so comfy.
3. My co-workers for providing me with rides.

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