Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday so Monday

My newspaper is doing a Best of 2009 special section. I agreed to do all the stories (about 200 words each) for this. I don't have a car right now so this will keep me busy and allow me to pull my weight. I think things are getting closer to resolving the car situation. I have start wa
lking at lunch. It is not for health reasons but just so I can get away from the newspaper. I eat my lunch outside while reading the newspaper or a magazine. The weather has been awesome. After eating, I go for a short walk or just people watch. It recharges me so I can finish the day.

I miss therapy so I am patiently waiting for my insurance to kick in. I am looking for eating disorder specialist around here. I am taking things day by day so I won't overwhelm myself. Tonight is the season premiere of Gossip Girl. I am celebrating with Domino's pizza.

For the first time in a longtime, I watched the MTV VMAs. Kanye West is such a jerk. What he did to Taylor Swift was just wrong. Why didn't he let her have her moment. I am so glad that Beyonce gave up her time so Taylor could have her moment. And I don't believe his apology for a moment.

Daily Dose

1. Eating lunch outside is the best.
2. Taking time to enjoy the moment.


  1. Ooh, Domino's pizza sounds so good right now! Is "Gossip Girl" good? I've heard it is, but I haven't seen t. I saw the YouTube clip with Kanye West being a jerk. What nerve! Beyonce was really classy about it.
    When I worked at the office, I used to love getting out for lunch and people watching. It was my favorite part of the day. I'm glad you have a nice routine down. The best of 2009 sounds like quite a project! Keep us posted :)

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