Monday, September 28, 2009

Days off are the best

I worked all day Saturday so I had today off. I used it to try to sleep late. This didn't work. So I straightened up my room up some. I watched Grease for the first time. And just chilled out.

Tonight, I am going to a Sip and See art thing at the art gallery tonight. This means wearing a nice dress and heels. So I need to shave my legs, do my hair and make myself look fierce. I have watching an American Top Model marathon. It has been a nice relaxing day. Since my car is not ready, GI Joe will be picking me up. He is determined to get me out of my comfort zone and shake things up. And I am ready to shake things up and live a little.

So I am going out tonight and mingle. Even though, I will miss Gossip Girl and House. I'll get over it. This is why Hula and Fancast were created.

Daily Dose

1. I love having a day off during the week.

2. Watching the traffic go by while eating mac and cheese.

3. Discovering that I own makeup

1 comment:

  1. You hadn't seen Grease before?! Shame on you :) I also enjoy "America's Next Top Model." It's a guilty pleasure. Have fun at the "Sip and See" :)


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