Sunday, September 20, 2009

Behold, the power of fluids

I am so sorry that there hasn't been any updates. I have been sick with a stomach virus. It started out with me being very nauseuous on Tuesday. We won't talk about Wednesday. And Thursday, my co-worker D had to take me to the emergency room because nothing was staying down or in me. It is amazing how an iv and nauseou medicine can perk a person. Throughout this whole illness, I was trying to do interviews and write all of the best of 2009 stuff and try to get my car fix. It was too much. So after my er visit, I declared Thursday as a sick day.

I spent Friday playing catch up on the interviews and all day Saturday writing stories. I got it done. I have went from drinking chicken broth and Powerade to a grilled chicken breast and garden peas. So I am finally on the mend. And I think I found someone who can fix my car so things are improving here in RR.

Last night, I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time. It was a great movie. I have seen pretty much all of Patrick Swayze's movies. I really enjoyed it. He has some pretty good movies and will be missed.

1. IV fluids are amazing
2. My co-workers have really looked out for me.
3. Emmy night--I do love some pretty dresses.


  1. aww.. hope you fell 100% well soon. (hugs)

  2. Feel better! I got really sick like that once. It's miserable! I'm glad you got an IV... Take it easy!
    I can't believe you hadn't seen Dirty Dancing before! What a great movie!

  3. I took my wife to the ER a couple of months ago because she had been nauseous for several weeks and got dehydrated. She perked up, too. But I was concerned about the IV because it contains dextrose, which (in the USA) is derived from corn and which is used in Prolotherapy to induce inflammation.

    Anyway, glad you're better and, hopefully, un-inflammed. :)


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