Monday, August 24, 2009

Life at the Brookwood

Most of my co-workers look at me like I am insane when I say I live at a motel. To me, it is like living in a dorm room except you have no roommate. If you add up the monthly costs of rent, electricity, water/sewer and cable, those costs are the same for living at a motel. Plus I get cable and free internet access. My hubby and son aren't here so why do I need an apartment. We own a house. Most don't get it and some of my friends think I am nuts. This makes me happy and forces me to be neat and tidy. And at this particular motel, S cleans each room everyday and makes the bed. I told her she didn't have to make my bed but she insisted that it is a part of her routine.

Brookwood is in the shape of a U so my neighbors are regulars like me. Everyone seems nice and friendly. I like it here. My boss likes my moxie and told me to live where I want to live. "And tell those who don't like it to get over it."

I am not exhausted as I was last week. I am going to bed at a decent time and adjusting to get up at 6:30 a.m. During my lunch break today, I decided to go to Virginia to buy a paper. It was a 30 minute drive. I got my paper, some lunch and back to work in a jiffy after jumping back on I-95.

Thanks for all the compliments on the new look. I like it too. I am feeling pretty good about life. I am going home for a three-day weekend this coming weekend.

Daily Dose

1. Unlimited minutes on my cell means I can talk with my hubby and son as much as I like.

2. Buying a newspaper in Virginia

3. Having an understanding and encouraging boss


  1. Sounds like you're doing great! I've been on the I-95 before :)
    I say if you are hapy living at a motel, then don't worry about others and their judgments (this is something I'm learning lately too). I think it'd be kind of nice, especially with the free cable! Plus, you have more freedom, no lease, etc.
    I'm glad you get to talk to your family. And you get a long weekend with them!

  2. Hey, Mickey Mantle lived in a hotel! ;)

    <3 <3

  3. Thanks guys! You're right. I'm not worrying about what others think. The important thing is how I feel. And I'm loving it!


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