Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An enjoyable day

It has been a nice day. I think we are putting JJ either in a daycare or preschool setting this fall. So each day I pretend for a little bit that we are in a classroom setting with other kids. Of course, the other kids are dinosaurs, Curious George and a giant teddy bear. It's getting the point across about sitting in a circle and raising our hands. JJ enjoys it. We have learned a lot. I learned the proper words to the Hokey Pokey. I think he will do just fine. He is learning about family. Things like Uncle Mario (my brother) is my brother. And that my nephew Devyn is JJ's cousin. And that Memaw (my mother) is his grandmother but my mommy. We have talked about this in the past but I am trying to make sure he understands it.

Still no news on the job front. I have a town council meeting tonight and a county council meeting and group therapy at tomorrow. So I am staying busy so I won't go crazy.

Daily Dose
1. An ice cream cone on a hot and humid day.
2. Finding a cool shirt at the Hospice Thrift store for $4.

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