Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A bit bummed

One of my goals has to been to donate blood. When I relapsed hard about two years ago, my weight dropped which meant I couldn't donate. I don't have much in life but I feel I can do my part and donate. The newspaper where I work sponsored a blood drive. I've known about it for a week so I prepared myself for it. Today was the big day. I waited two hours in line. The nurse prick my finger to check my iron and said my iron was to low. It was 11.9. You need a 12.5. I was absolutely heartbroken. I really wanted to donate. I work on my iron count and go donate somewhere in two weeks. The old me would have dwelled on this and used it as an excuse to restrict.

Today, I covered the trustee meeting at the commmunity college. While some find these things boring, it was quite fastinating. Plus I got a ton of story ideas out of one two hour meeting. And afterwards, they had mini Chick-filet sandwiches and fruit. I had nice little lunch that I washed down with some lemonade. I love the life of a journalist.

Daily Dose

1. Watching the joy of the first day of school

2. Being able to watch two squirrels fight over an acorn.


  1. Sorry you couldn't donate! The good thing is that blood donation can be done at any time, so if your iron levels go up, you can donate then :) It's great that you want to contribute that way.
    It's also great that you love your job so much. Your enthusiasm definitely comes through in your writing!

  2. I love the goal you have about donating blood. I did that for years until I had a bad donating experience where my blood clotted and it wouldn't work.

    Hang in there -- it is wonderful to think your goal involves giving back!

  3. I used to donated blood on a regular basis, until I developed anorexia. My iron got really low, so you want to make sure you keep an eye on it. I ended up taking iron pills twice a day for four months, because my blood was so depleted of iron.

    Try to get completely better first; then you should be able to donate blood. Hang in there!


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