Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Snap, Crackle, Pop

My baby has discovered Rice Krispies and can’t get enough of them. I am trying to be more healthy and eat breakfast. I decided to start with Rice Krispies. JJ loves them. It’s relaxing to have a bowl with him while figuring out our day. Rice Krispies and watching Curious George. This is a combination that can’t be beat. This is going to be a busy week full of writing assignments—government meets, a special needs camp and a man who wrote a book. I just love variety.

Finally got the Medicaid card in the mail yesterday. My goal is to get into this intensive outpatient eight week program for eating disorders. So keep your fingers and toes crossed.

We had a very relaxing Fourth of July. For the first time, I wasn’t going from family function to family function. JJ and I went to the park. We had it all to ourselves where we played in the sand and pretended to walk the plank on a pirate ship. It was the best day that I have had in a long time. Afterwards we went home for ice cream and played dinosaurs.

Each night, before bed, we would watch a movie. On Thursday, we watched Cars. It is JJ favorite movie. I love and can quote lines with him about it. Friday night was a Bob the Builder movie. It was nice to watch Bob and discuss the movie afterwards. Saturday night was a treat. For the first time in my life, I watched Bambi. It was interesting to see how much animation has evolved. I think Disney did a tasteful handling of Bambi’s mom death. I think it affected me more than JJ. After the movie, I asked him if he was sad about Bambi’s mom. He said no. “It’s just a movie, Mommy. And my mommy isn’t dead so I’m okay.” I love the logic of a three-year-old. But later, he did say he was worries about me dying. I asked him why. He said it’s because I don’t eat like Daddy. I explained to him that I was seeing someone to help me. “That’s good, Mommy because I need my mommy princess.” Recovery isn’t easy and I have had some small slipups and panics. But I know I need to get better so I can be a good Mommy for him. I want him to enjoy kid stuff and not worry that his mommy might die.

Last night, we watched Enchanted. I had never seen it before but it was a good movie. JJ enjoyed the whole princess thing. He said her dress was pretty but mine (wedding dress) was much better. I’ll have to find the cd with my wedding pictures on it and post a picture of my dress. Until he pointed it out, I never realized that I do look like a princess in the dress. He thinks it is the coolest thing. “My mommy was a princess and she married my daddy the prince.”

Overall, it was a great weekend full of great movies, food and conversation. There is never a dull moment with JJ around.

Daily Dose

1. The musings of JJ—“My kitten acts like a doggy.” Or “Thanks for the M & M’s! Can George have his own pack? I’ll make sure he doesn’t eat all of them. He can share them with me.”
2. Sunny days with no humidity. Days like this make the park so much more fun.


  1. That is SO sweet and touching what JJ said to you about wanting his mommy princess around. Kids are so great because they are so honest. I'm glad you're keeping busy, and I hope the outpatient program works out!!

  2. Hi Silly Girl,

    That's precious what JJ told you about your dress and how you looked like a princess. I look forward to seeing the photos.

    I wish you the best with the outpatient program.

  3. Oh the memories of having my son (who is 28 now) think I was a princess and just the best mommy! Enjoy these days! I'm getting some of those old feelings of royalty back these days but I'm more like the old queen! :)


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