Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Productive Day

I got a late start today but it has been most productive. First, I had a great time in group therapy. My group is a depression group made up of folks who are depressed, have substance abuse problems and me with the ED. Today, we talked about hope and was asked to use an example of when we were at our lowest and how hope kept us going. No one said anything so I spoke up. I talked about at this time last summer, I was 80 pounds, tired and depressed. I told them that at my lowest weight that I knew I needed to do something to survive. My hope was my son. He is what kept me going. Therapist was very impressed because usually I don't have much to say. I am finding myself opening up more about my ED and what I need to be healthy. In about 15minutes, I am having a full physical done. My hubby made a crack over the weekend that my cholestrol is probably through the roof because of my love of butter in my creamy chicken rice and other dishes. I made the appointment to prove him wrong and to see how well I am doing.

Tomorrow is the dentist appointment. This is the one that I am worried about. The article for the NC paper is completed and should hit the stands on Friday. I plan to put this in my packet for the newspaper job. I hope all goes well but if it doesn't I have a plan B, a plan C and a plan D waiting in the wings. And I don't have to cover the Watermelon Festival. My hubby thought I was nuts for turning it down. The thought of the festival made me anxious and no amount of money is worth that feeling.

Daily Dose

1. Group therapy--It is helping me with my problems.

2. Finding more new magazines for $.25.

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