Friday, July 31, 2009

Got my game face on!!!!

I have a job interview this afternoon with a newspaper that is 15 minutes from my house. I would love to get this job. But I know the competition is going to be fierce for the position. So I have got my game face on. I feel very confident and ready. If I get this job, I could continue to be with my son everyday and see my mother and others. There are so many reasons why I want this job so I am going to do my very best.

I finished my story on the nutrition center. I will hope it gets the word out about the center and services it provides for seniors. It is hard to write because I am so nervous about the interview. Think positive, think positive. I am writing in my favorite little nook in the library listening to the Kings of Leon. I saw them this morning on the Today Show concert series. I think I would pay money to see them in concert.

As I was getting ready this morning, I thought about how far I have come in a year. Last year at this time, I was barely hanging on. I was so frail and weak that I had no energy to read to my son, drive and even to watch tv. I am thankful that I have another chance at life. I know change is around the corner. I don't know what it will be but I know I am ready. I am physically and mentally ready to handle whatever life throws at me. I was looking through my many playlists on my computer and realized that between myself and my brother that we have great taste in music. I am working on a song track of me. This is the mix I will take on my next roadtrip interview.

Daily Dose

1. Listening to good music in your favorite spot

2. Soaking up the good vibes from everyone

3. Living in the moment

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