Friday, July 17, 2009

Good interview

This morning, I had a phone interview with the church administrator for a pt receptionist position. I think it went very well considering 475 people have applied for that position. I made it to the second round for a phone interview. I think I am one of about 50 people. This is pretty good.

Yesterday, the Emmy nominations were announced. One of my favorite actresses, Chandra Wilson received an Emmy nomination for Grey’s Anatomy. I love this show and don’t like to miss it on Thursday nights. Katherine Hegl was snubbed even though she did some good work this past season. And Neil Patrick Harris is going to host. He did a great job with the Tony Awards. I love the Emmys. Hell, I love most award shows. The dresses are always so beautiful. I love reading fashion mags and putting together my own outfits for less. I have my dream items that I would love to own—a Prada bag and a Vera Wang gown. When I was planning my wedding, I actually touched an $8,000 wedding dress. Then I came to my senses and went to E-bay. Kohl’s has some nice Vera Wang pieces to dream about. My love of fashion is coming to surface as I become more and more comfortable with my body. I am more willing to wear dresses, skirts and form-fitting things.

I am still waiting to hear if I have gotten approval to see the therapist from the Center. I have been patient so I plan to call today and see how much progress has been made.

I got a major scoop for my SC newspaper job. A new McDonald's is being built and got the owner to talk about it on record. They are also accepting applications. I'm thinking about applying. At this point, what do I have to lose plus I love their shakes.

I think my week is finally slowing down.

Daily Dose

1. Making it in the top 50.

2. Having a very productive week.


  1. That's good news with the interview!! I'll cross my fingers :)
    I also like Grey's Anatomy, though I haven't watched it in ages. I also love McDonald's shakes :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. i love, love, love awards shows. my friends all tell me that if they watch one, they think of me.

    in my house, i'll watch the super bowl, and the boyfriend has to help me pick the Oscar's best dressed. that's love.

    good luck with the job hunt! hope you get lots and lots and lots more paid writing jobs!!!

  3. Jacqueline,
    Please contact me about the piece that you wrote for the Carolina Woman Contest. My email address is

    Mickey Stroud


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