Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's a girl to do without a car?

It is so good to be back. I did something major. I changed my room around the way that I wanted it. When we moved into this house a year ago, I thought I would find a job and move away. This is not happening. I have made peace with it. So I changed my room around and have started the unpacking process.

All of this unstructured time due to lack of car, which is being repaired, was interesting. I had options. I could have gone with my hubby and son while he sold fire crackers. During the Fourth of July and Christmas/New Year’s, my hubby and a friend open a firecracker stand. For me, fire cracker season is two weeks of peace and quiet. I can eat what I want, where I want and hogged the remote. I could have hung out with my in-laws. I decided instead to work on the house instead and have some solitude.

The room looks great. I still have many boxes and totes to go through. In addition to my room, I unpacked JJ’s toys from my in-laws’ house. Some I tossed and others I shelved. I even set up his dinosaurs up like they were having a standoff. The boy has a lot of toys. I only threw out the broken stuff. I figure if I am going to donate some of his toys, he should have some say in the decision. His room looks nice. I also cleaned the kitchen and the living room. My husband’s room is such a mess that he is camped out in the living room. He needs to tackle the room. I can’t talk since my huge bathroom is filled with boxes and stuff.

JJ had an appointment today with a pediatric cardiologist to rule out heart problems causing his seizures. The tests came back normal. So my baby is okay. Right now, the terrible threes are in bloom. He heard his grandfather say some not so nice words. And now he is saying them all the time. It is so humid here that if I want to take a walk, I have to get up early.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting. I will be juggling freelancing jobs for two different newspapers in two different counties. Plus trying to find a part-time job. I caught up on my reading. I read some great article. For example, in the April issue of Body + Soul, there were some thoughts on whole living. Three thoughts stuck out for me.
The first was to give yourself time to consider what you most want to contribute to the world. I am still working on this but I want to do something. The second though is better eating starts with small, positive steps. I have been cooking more. I am reading cookbooks and magazines for recipes. In the past, I read cookbooks just to get a food fix without eating. I have experimented with seasonings and stuff. It’s kind of fun and healthy—small positive steps.
And the final thought was the decision to let go may be the most important one you ever make. This is what I am doing by finally starting to unpack. I am letting go of the past, embracing the present and looking toward the future. It is amazing what a few days off of the world’s grid does to a person. I had five articles in the paper this week. I have been a busy Silly Girl. I hate that my car was broken but maybe I needed this time to recharge and think.

Daily Dose

1. Found a tote of summer dresses—now that I have gained some weight, I’m not afraid to wear a dress. I'm working on wearing shorts outside of the house in public.
2. Read some really good books. Found out that I own some really good books.
3. I am so glad that the library in the county that I live in allows patrons to checkout old newspapers. In addition to story ideas, I get to read the New York Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.
4. And most importantly, my son is okay. Grumpy but okay!


  1. Congratulations on beginning to "settle in"... it can really help to have a place FEEL like home.

    I'm glad that your son is okay!

    <3 <3

  2. You sound pleasantly busy :) I'm glad you're starting to feel more at home, and I'm glad your son is okay!

  3. I want to see pictures when you're done!!! :D

    Keep your head up high!

  4. You sound very positive and handling the things on your plate, making peace with "what is" and of course the greatest news you could get - that your son is ok - has to help the old spirits immensely! It's all good! YAY!


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