Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have learned that routine is the best thing for me. It keeps me from getting to anxious. With that said, my husband and I have figured out a schedule around my freelancing and my husband's business and family committments. For example, today JJ is with me while I blog, run errand and etc. While I am writing, he is watching one of his favorite cartoons Dinosaur King.

Tonight, I have a town board meeting to cover and my son and hubby will do their own thing. Tomorrow morning is a county commissioner meeting. So it is give and take. I am nervous about Thursday but I am ready. I looked over some newspapers for the area so I could be a feel for the position.


  1. I like routine too. I absolutely need structure. I don't like change because it disrupts my structure. But, I've learned I'm pretty resilient and I just create new routines :) It's important to know what you need. I always kind of envy those people who "fly by the seat of their pants." That's not me!

  2. Good luck with Thursday!! I bet you will do GREAT!


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