Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A late start

I have an economic development board meeting tonight so all of us slept in today. My hubby didn't sleep well last night. I think it's the sinus infection, antibotic and the allergy medicine all working together. I slept like a baby. Once I take my meds, I am pretty much out. Plus my meds make me have vivid dreams. Last night, I dreamed I was about to graduate from high school. And not the high school I graduated from in real life but a "Gossip Girl" type place. It was a weird but nice dream. I awoke to my husband screaming to a chef on tv about a crappy looking risotto he was making.

Here's the thing--Since I have been unemployed, I have become accustomed to the house in the mornings have either James Edward and I or just me. JJ is with my husband's niece this week. My hubby, who is starting to feel better, messed up my morning routine. Usually, I wake up about 9:50 a.m., I eat a few slices of cheese while I wait for Dr. Phil to come on. My hubby hates Dr. Phil. I like the doc in small doses. Then I go buy my morning paper up the road. By 11 a.m., I am watching The View while eating a bowl of cereal or something. And then I plan my day, which depends on whether I am alone or with my son.

With my routine in shambles, I got the newspaper and tried to sat with my hubby. He was mister crabby pants because he didn't get any sleep. I took my paper back to my bedroom and watched the news until I fell asleep. I woke up about noon. I had the rest of my fish sticks and some creamy chicken rice while reading my paper. At this point, my hubby is up, dressed and ready to face the day. I hope he stays well.

I used to be the queen of snail letter writing. I had tons of greeting cards, stationery and stickers. I miss that the part of me. So today, I wrote a letter to an old friend and included some pictures of JJ. Everyone deserves snail mail every so often. So if anyone is interested just let me know and I can send you one.

I have started an exercise routine that I am going to run by my therapist. I am not used to having a midsection so I am little anxious about this.

Daily Dose

1. Behold the power of antibotics!!!!

2. A cute kitten playing with a string

3. Enjoying the moment.

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  1. Good idea to run the exercise by your therapist. Make sure you're doing it for the right reasons and all!
    I love snail mail, by the way. Nobody else seems to these days, but I love letters. There's something real and special about them. You can send me one :) hehe.


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