Saturday, June 27, 2009

It is sooooo hot and humid!

This is hard to explain to a three-year-old who wants to go to the park. In his mind, it’s sunny. Little kids ignore humidity or just don’t care. Thank goodness for indoor play lands, they are a lifesaver—at least for now. Welcome to summer in the south.

I did laundry yesterday. Let me tell you that a Laundromat and a 90-degree day don’t mix. I love doing laundry. It’s relaxing and I am pretty social there. I’ve had some pretty good conversations there. Yesterday, I chatted with a lady about Michael Jackson and SC governor Mark Sanford. My hubby and I do our laundry separate. We like different detergents and have different ways of washing clothes. I wash mine and JJ’s. My husband loves button down long sleeved shirts even in hot weather. He has a ton of them thanks to sales and Goodwill. As a courtesy, I wash and iron them for him. He believes in the hang them up and the wrinkles will fall out philosophy. This does not work so he wears them wrinkled. He hates to iron. I love to iron. His family and friends know that I do this for him because as his brother said, “Your shirt is ironed. Thank God, you’re wife took over.”

I have posted a picture of my bathroom. It is a mess. This just represents one side of it. There is only enough room to use it and wash your hands. Hopefully by the fall, it will be straightened out.

Transformers opened this weekend. I offered to take JJ but he wants to go with his daddy. So we are going to wait until after fireworks season. My hubby doesn’t understand why this movie. The answer is simple. This movie has cars, robots, explosions and most importantly, a sexy girl name Megan Fox. Or as my son says—Mommy, she’s pretty.

Yesterday, I marinaded some chicken breast in terakyi sauce and grilled it last night. The chicken with some creamy rice and peas was excellent. JJ is spending the weekend with some cousins. After his clean bill of health, he wanted to do something big. His words. He was thinking the beach. I was thinking maybe the park and an ice cream sundae. His cousins have a slip and slide and a little kiddie pool. He gets fun, water and playmates and I get to have a horror move fest while working on all those boxes.

Daily Dose

1. Horror movies

2. Getting back into cooking more

3. Flip flops--Sometimes it is good to let the toes go free.


  1. :)Hey there Silly Girl. Your son is SOOOO Sweet! I still remember the days of water slides...

  2. What horror movies? That's so cute what JJ said about Megan Fox. Haha. I think doing laundry is relaxing too. Your husband is lucky to have you to iron his shirts ;)
    Have a good rest of the weekend!

  3. I like to do laundry, but I hate to iron... and I am not particularly fond of wearing wrinkled clothes either, so I very rarely buy anything that will need ironing! Lazy person's way out. ;)

    The kids get to have all the fun, don't they? ... so not fair. ;p

    <3 <3


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