Friday, June 12, 2009

Dusting myself off

Yesterday, I took time for an oldfashioned mope session. I got it all out of my system somewhat and I am facing the day. Fish sticks and mac and cheese always make a hard day better. I have decided to look for a part time or full time job so I can freelance on the side.

I talked with the editor (who I will call LB) and he was happy. Happy that I could still write for him but sad that I am sad about not getting the jobs. He told me that I could cover the county council since I love government meetings and take over the county economic development beat. Hey, it's not full-time but I get to write. I gave my mother a copy of this week's paper that a ton of stuff I had wrote in it. She was so happy. She is my biggest fan. I could write about the beauty of fish tacos and she would love it.

So far today I have put in applications at the Salvation Army, Walgreens and Rite Aid. For now, I will put off applying to be a server or a cook at a fast food place or restaurant. I don't trust myself around food when I am working. In the past, I was a server at a Quincy's and a country club. The more I am around food, the less I eat.

So this is my plan. Plus, I guess I need to start unpacking. I have been in our house for a year but with being hospitalized, depressed, relapsing big time with my ED and other stuff--I have never really unpacked and went through my stuff. I started doing that yesterday. By the end of the summer, I plan to paint my room and make it look for lived in. I guess I have been hoping to move away and start living. It is time to start living now and make peace with where my life is right now. I have a great husband and son.

Daily Dose

1. I have a kick ass purse and bag collection.

2. Being able to do all the voices when I tell my son the Three Little Pigs.

3.Blue Bunny's Peanut Butter Panic Ice cream--To say it is delicious is the understatement of the year.

4. Watching my son play.


  1. We all need a mope session sometimes. I find that the intensity of my mope session is almost always countered by an intense regrouping the next day. It's hard to pick up and move on, but you're a fighter, and you're resourceful. I really have faith that things will find their way to you (or you to them) soon.

  2. Hi thanks for the comment on my blog and thanks for reading.
    Sounds like a good plan unpacking and to start living.
    The fish sticks, or fish fingers as we call them in the UK, are great for those down days. Yum.


  3. It seems whenever we get down, making plans of any sort is uplifting and gives some direction to our "mopes". Sounds like you are uplifting yourself and making lemonade out of the lemon! Yay for you! Sending hugs and good wishes for you!


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