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Deaths are always sad

It was so sad to hear on the same day that two celebrities died--Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. On my list of my favorite cds--Thriller has always been in the top five. In the safe confines of my room, I can do a pretty decent with the song, Billie Jean. And Beat It is also a fave. The man had some good music.

Farrah Fawcett has always reminded me of my mom. They both seem to have the same free spirit. I can't explain it but there are some similarities there.

I got my car back in time to cover a Relay for Life wrap up, which was very good. They raised a lot of money for cancer research. Yesterday was a pretty decent food day. At the event, they had hamburgers. I am not a real big beef eater. I ate half of it. And afterwards, I headed to Sonic for some corn dogs and tater tots. I know it wasn't healthy but it sure was gooooooood!

My brother-in-law's wife had a baby born. There was a scare because during her c-section they found that some of the fecal matter got inside the baby. He is in the neonatal intensive care unit as a precaution and receiving antibotics. He'll be okay. My hubby, JJ and I went to visit this morning. This was JJ first time visiting the birthing floor and seeing all the babies. He found it quite fascinating. He did say--"Mommy was I that small when I was a baby." I told him yes. He said--It must be sad for the babies because they can't talk and tell people what they want. I'm glad that I'm a big boy and can talk. Me--Yes, honey because you will let us know what is on your mind.

It was a nice visit. It brought memories of my pregnancy and the concern of how a hardcore anorexic could care a baby to full-term. I did it. It wasn't easy but I did it. And now I have a handsome, smart little boy who tells me that he loves me to pieces. And that he'll let that have a small piece. I love my son.

Daily Dose

1. My son

2. Thriller

3. My hubby for moving heaven and earth to find the money to fix my car.


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