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Tired but happy

My son and I had a good day together. Then he complained of a headache. So off to his pediatrician we went. It turns out it was just allergies. This gave me a little scare but I handled it like a pro. The pediatrician had a slight attitude because we went for a second opinion about the medication and JJ's diagnosis of possible epilesy. I think it is best from now on if I or my sister-in-law takes JJ to the doctor. My hubby does not take attitude well and is still angry about the pediatrician telling him that she could have us jailed for withholding the meds.

Today, I am covering a luncheon for the newspaper that I freelance for. The paper has brought a camera for me to use. This was very nice of them. It is nice being a reporter again. I so love being in the thick of things.

Last night, I found out that my husband favorite aunt, Lera, had a massive stroke. So his mom and her brother and sister are headed to Philly as I write. I really like Lera. She is a tough old lady. A few years ago, we went to Philly to see her around my birthday. I think it was so my future hubby could introduce the woman he loved to one of his favorite people. I'll never forget what she said to me--"My nephew is very opinionated and is like his father. You will have your work cut out for you but I know you can do it. You remind me of my sister with your quiet cool." She was right. Her nephew is opinionated and is like his father but I have hung in there. I hope she gets better but the prognosis is not so good.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about hubby's aunt. His family of late has been wreaked with havock. Maybe you should take some time to honor him in the coming days.

    If I don't have the chance to give you a holler..Happy Mother's Day to you!

    Have a great weekend. I have tons of stuff to always!

  2. Sending healing energy for aunt Lera. I have a vision of you with your camera looking like Lois Lane on the job - have fun with it! I did that years ago and it was great fun meeting so many interesting people.

    Glad you got such a giggle from my blog. I do try to sneak in a funny one now and then just to shake things up - life is too much fun to be serious all the time. If I don't let my humor out, it becomes twisted and deranged - can't have that!

    Have a super duper Mother's Day!

  3. Sorry about your husband's aunt :( I hope things are okay.
    Cool news about the luncheon assignment! How fun!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day! I've heard so many horror stories about dealing with doctors. You, as the parent, really do know best!


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