Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rainy Day

It's the type of day that makes a person want to stay in bed. But I got things to do. The interview was a no go yesterday. The editor got sick so the interview was moved to tomorrow at 3 p.m. It may be in person at the newspaper or a conference call. I will know for sure later today.If it is in person, I will have to drive up and back in the same day. My son has a WIC recertification on Thursday. The WIC folks are picky about who brings the child to the appointment and only my husband and I have authorization to bring him to appointments.

My house looks awesome. Awesome. My husband came home yesterday evening and was amazed how great the place looked. All signs of the ants are gone. At least for now. My son now has a big boy bed, actually a grown up one from his grandparents' house. He loves the bed because the headboard has a sliding door where he can put his toys to sleep when he goes to bed. We found some Transformer sheets on deep discount so he will be very happy. We have invited my husband's friend M, who was evicted and dumped to stay with us until she get things together. Along with the ants and her possible moving, gave me the motivation to really clean up. She has no place to go but is being very snobby about our home. We don't live on Park Avenue but our home is small but nice. Doesn't really bother me because she's not my friend. But it bothers my husband because he wants to help. My husband is one of those people who wants to save the world. So he is hurt at her attitude. I believe the attitude will change when she takes a good long hard look at her life.

Found out some more good news. Another newspaper in the county that I live in wants me to freelance for them. So I have mailed some writing samples and my resume. If I don't get the full-time newspaper job, I think we can manage for awhile with me doing some freelancing. This newspaper pays the freelancers good--$35-50 a story. So we'll see our it goes. I want to redo my son's room but I am going to let him help since it is his room.

Daily Dose

1. My cute little house

2. Garlic cheese toast--I love it!


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