Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pacing in my high high heels

Last night, while my husband slept, I paced back and forth in my high heels. When I need to think, I pace in these gorgeous high heels that I brought two years ago. I wasn't nervous. I just needed to think. I am at a crossroads where things could go either way. Either way is good. If I get this job, it will be full-time doing what I want and where I want to live with excellent benefits. If I don't get it, I can still freelance for two different newspapers and explore other options. It was a good pacing around the living room.

I am on the road to my job interview but had to make a little pitstop for a little breakfast (sausage biscuit and gravy) and some wifi. No matter what happens today, I will do my best. Four months ago, I wasn't in this frame of mind. It is amazing the combination of good therapy, support and medication can do for a person.

Tuesday night is American Idol and Fringe at my house. Both my husband and I look forward to it. My husband was going to grill chicken for us but forget to stop at the store. So I stopped and got some ground chicken. And I grill us some burgers on the George Foreman. They were good burgers with lots of onions, pepper, salt and sage. My husband ate two. I had one and half with some veggies. For the first time in a longtime, my husband said he didn't watch me eat or mentally compute my daily intake of food. "It's nice to know that you are able to take care of yourself," he said. Idol was good with Adam giving a good performance. I just discovered Led Zeppelin and love the song, Whole lotta love. I think that's the right title. My son and I love to dance to it. And as always, Fringe sparked a good discussion between us.

Well, I gotta get back on the road. My hubby left for work early this morning. But before I left the house, he called to wish me good luck and to be careful. So I am feeling really good vibes on a full stomach. Never thought I would say or write that sentence.

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  1. Good luck with the job prospect! Like you said, either way is good. I love looking at things that way! It's very cool that your husband is getting more and more used to you feeding yourself well. That's great!!
    By the way, I love Led Zeppelin. Great stuff.
    Good luck, again!


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