Friday, May 29, 2009

Lovely Friday

After all the days of rain and thunderstorms, the sun is out. I just got through covering an economic summitt. It was interesting to hear people talk about what to do about unemployment and stuff but have no clue what it is like. But hopefully that will be over soon. I have an interview next week for two editor's jobs. One is 45 minutes from my house and the other is 2 hours. I am trying to keep all of my options open. And also remember that the unemployment will run out in about a month. I have been applying for jobs with a very open mind.

Last night, my hubby and I went out to this wing place with some friends of his. My hubby ordered 100 hot wings and ate about 60 something. His friend ate 10. I ordered 12 terakyi wings and french fries. I ate nine wings in one sitting. Usually I ate four or five. It stunned everyone because they figured I take the rest home. I had a nice time. I am trying to be more sociable. I find myself trying to isolate some days so I'm taking on more writing assignments and doing a little volunteering so I want stay at home. My hubby and his friends were surprised I came because they knew the spelling bee finals were on tv and I don't socialize. I'm just full of surprises.

On a sad note, I found Kat dead this morning. I think my hubby's friend must have accidentally ran over him when she left last night. When we go home, I went in and went to bed since I had to be up early for my freelance gig. My hubby said she feels just awful about what happen and told him to tell me that she is not a cat killer. Accidents happen. I really like that little kitten. We are not having much luck with cats. While preparing the lawn yesterday so I can cut it, next week--I found Hilbert. It looks like he had been attacked by a dog. I don't want our land to become a pet cemetery.

Daily Dose

1. Terakyi wings

2. Beautiful weather

3. Being able to start enjoying life

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  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about the kitten :( How sad!!
    In brighter news, I'm happy to hear you're socializing! I know all about the allure of isolation. Everything is calmer and simpler inside my own little bubble, but it's lonely there too.
    I admire your persistence with applying for jobs. It's such a tough market, and I know how it feels to constantly put yourself out there. You'll land something soon!


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