Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Monday

Ribbon of the blog, fragments treasures memory, surprised me with the "One Lovely Blog Award". This means a lot to me coming from her. She has a outstanding blog that is filled with a lot of postivity and good vibes. I make it a point to visit her blog every day for some goodness. So thanks a bunch!!!

It is Monday once again. After filing for my benefits, I got to work on the cleaning the house. We had to exterminate for some huge ants. These suckers were big. I'm taking a break to run errands and rest. Later this afternoon, I will have a phone interview with the editor and managing editor for the newspaper job. I'm not nervous about that. I am more nervous about the ants coming back.

I had a great weekend. To say my son was happy would be the understatement of the year. Our family day started Saturday with a stop at the Salvation Army. JJ got to pick out some videos while I looked for books. One of his picks was Godzilla along with Bob the Builder, the Land Before Time and a dinosaur video. He was a little grumpy because he wanted to stay with his aunt and play on his drums. Plus, he associates going to Charlotte with going to the doctor. So he sat in his seat with his arms crossed and mouth poked out. Eventually, he fell asleep.

We arrived at the comic book store. JJ was so happy. He looked at the various comic book character figurines. He got to pick out his first real comic book--The Avengers plus some free ones. The event was great and made me realize I needed to seriously learn more about comic books because I am going to be asked a lot of questions.

Next stop--McDonalds. JJ knows if he eats most of his meal that he can play on the indoor playground thing. So for an hour and half, he played with the other kids and had a good old time while my husband and I talked. We went to my in-laws, where he showed off his videos and comic books. JJ still wanted to play on his drums so he spent the night with my sister-in-law.

Saturday night ended with my husband and I going out with a friend of his who had just broken up with her boyfriend and got evicted all in the same week. We went with her to a gay bar where I decided I try to as social as possible with her and her friends. They were so wrapped up in their drama that both my husband and I were bored to tears because all everyone was doing was trying to make others jealous or being just plain mean. I have never pitied so many people so much. After playing a ton of darts, it was too much for me so I went next door to the 24 hour diner and ate a BLT (hold the T)and fries and read an USA Today. I was later joined by the hubby. We had great time there. I was proud of two things--I tried to socialize and I ate instead just retreating. Overall, a wonderful weekend. Sunday was devoted to annihilating huge black ants.

Daily Dose

1. Being able to clean.

2. There is nothing like a good BLT (hold the T)with lots of B and mayo.


  1. Good job on socializing and eating :) It's always hard to join the regular world again...

  2. a BLT! you go girl.

    i'd like to conquer a grilled cheese sandwich (with the T.) i try, but then i decide to toast the bread instead of using the frying pan. and i melt one skinny slice of cheese on a thin slice of bread, add mustard and lots of lettuce and tomato.

    how much does this even sound like a grilled cheese? i admire you!


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