Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting a late start

JJ and I did some cleaning yesterday. He helped me vacuum and straightened up his room. Afterwards, he said he was tired and needed a break. He played with his dinosaurs while I took a quick nap.

Our lazy day yesterday ended with Chinese food. My hubby, JJ and I met with one of my hubby's friends at a Chinese restuarant in the next county over. Definitely, not one of the best Chinese places but the tea was good and the chicken and broccoli was good. It was nice to get out of the house and socialize. JJ was happy with blue and red jello and chicken on a stick. JJ fell asleep in the car on the way home which meant bedtime was late. And I was on bedtime duty while my hubby slept. We watched Chicken Run, which eventually put JJ to sleep. Not a bad movie.

Today, the guys are running errands while I am emailing stories and doing some job hunting. I haven't heard anything about the job yet. I assume this is because there were so many applicants. If I hadn't heard anything by next Wednesday, I'll email the managing editor. JJ will be spending the weekend with my husband's nieces. This works out good because tommorow morning I am doing a story about an upcoming barbecue fundraiser for a three-year old with leukemia. I saw a flyer in the convenience store and thought I should do something to help. I'm not big on barbecue but I can help to get the word out. I can't imagine having a child sick with leukemia. My heart goes out them. I am so blessed to have a healthy little boy full of questions.

I'm feeling restless waiting. But thank goodness all the new magazines are coming in the mail. Plus, I applied for three editor's positions. I got to keep the folks happy at the unemployment office.

Daily Dose

1. Nice warm days
2. Running errands in my favorite pair of Sketchers

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