Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Splitting the screen!

Right now, I am writing on one side of the screen and my son is watching Sonic X. I had a great afternoon. Got to do a little journalism and hit the mother lode at the library. Oh and my husband ate the steak from this morning.

After a great interview, I stop at one of my many libraries to check in with my people. In the books for sale bin, I found the John Grisham book for a $1. A $1. I am still on cloud nine. Also found some old Paula Deen (2007) magazines. I took all I could find. Then I stopped in at the Hospice Thrift store and found some children's books for my son. So all in all, it's been an excellent day. Then onto the sandwich shop, where I got half a chicken salad sandwich and a bowl of veggie soup. It was excellent. I so love it when a day is so nice. And now I am with my favorite little guy watching one of his favorite shows. He has a dinosaur memory game that he loves. I can't wait until we can play Candy Land and Hi Ho Cheero! Of course, park season is about to begin. I am so glad that I am healthier. It was rough last year playing in the park, playing soccer and just keeping up with him in general.


  1. Go you on all your finds. I too am glad that you are healthier. I am sure that JJ will be able to tell that as well.

    Hope that today is a great day as well.

  2. Wishing you a lifetime of fun :-)

    Great to read that you are feeling healthier.

    best wishes Ribbon


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