Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some job prospects!!!!

Another week of applying for jobs. There are some reporting prospects, administrative jobs and possible some work at Myrtle Beach. I am just tired of not working. I help my in-laws and parents out a lot. I should volunteer more but taking care of family is enough.

I think tomorrow might be the last Chapel Hill day. My husband is applying for a job at Myrtle Beach. His thing is that help for my eating disorder can be gotten anywhere. I have given up on trying to tell him how important it is to be comfortable with your therapist. But I will take this week by week. I got my taxes done today. This is the latest that I have every had to do them. Being unemployed sucks. Before getting the taxes done, my husband took me to breakfast at Bojangles. Two breakfast days in a row. Money is very tight. I hope to take a trip back to my old stomping grounds in Mount Olive but I will just have to see how things will turn out. I miss MO but what's the point going back if I can't bring my son. My husband has been a stickler for JJ going places. Even taking him to see my parents is an ordeal because my husband worries about him having a seizure. I worry too but we can't keep the child in a bubble all the time. So I pick my visits and moments with care because I know it will be an ordeal.

I will be on my own for a few days because the boys are going way until Thursday.

--Finish the spring cleaning in my room.
--Spruce up the yard. They have allergies and I don't so this is a perfect opportunity to cut grass.
--Help my mother-in-law clean.
--Go to Chapel Hill.

I have tried to put myself on an eating schedule so I don't stress myself too much.

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  1. Come to Mount Olive even if you have to come alone. It might actually do you well. All you need is the gas money to get here and spending money for the festival...other times, I will feed you and you know that you have a place to lay your head.....just COME!!!!!

    F James on the eating disorder thing...have you thought about applying for jobs in Chapel Hill??? Maybe you could move there?


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