Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some days are too good to be true

Yesterday was a good day. I kicked ass on the phone interview. So well that I have a follow up conference call on Monday afternoon with the editor and managing editor. I won honorable mention in an essay contest for a magazine in Raleigh. My ED didn't bother me at all. I ate without those thoughts pestering. I had the best afternoon ever with my son. We went to the library and picked out books and movies. While walking through the library, we discussed life as only life can be discussed by a three-year-old. One question--why is the incredible hulk green and angry?

Afterwards, we went to a thrift shop that supports the local hospice. This is where we hit the jackpot. My son loves putting puzzles together. I found a Bible storybook of puzzles for a $1 and it was brand new. And then we found a bag of dinosaurs for a $1.50. I was told that I was the best mommy ever. Then we sat on the bench and played with the dinosaurs. I got to be the T-Rex. Usually, I get the weird named ones. We had so much fun.

Then the other shoe dropped. I found out that my mother-in-law has lung cancer. She said she has known for a long time. Now, she is telling her family. She does not plan to have any treatments or surgery. My father-in-law is not happy with her decision. She said she wants to enjoy the rest of her life. I have applied for a job that will be three and half hours from her. I told her that I would call the newspaper today and tell them I am withdrawing. She told me that if I did that she would never speak to me again. "I have known a long time that I am sick. When you first told me about the job, I gave you my blessing. It is obvious that you have a gift with writing and there are no jobs around here. You would be going back to familar territory with health insurance. I want you to recover from your eating disorder. Insurance means you can go back to Chapel Hill. You have a good chance of getting this job. Don't whole back on my account."
What do you say when someone tells you that. After talking with my husband and sister-in-law, who both agreed with her, I will keep going. My son is right, she is the best woman ever.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your son, which is fantastic! :) Congratulations on the interview, I'm glad that it went well.

    I'm sorry about your mother-in-law ... even if that is what she wants, that's got to be hard. :(

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Sounds like there is real love in your family, and that's to be truly valued.

    Congrats on the interview! I smiled about the Incredible Hulk question ;)

  3. Your post made me laugh, smile and cry all at the same time....

    Sorry to hear about your recent revelation. I know that the two of you are extremely close.

    How is your husband taking this news??

    My thoughts are with all of you....but your ma-in-law is right....go get this JOB....sometimes you have to put you really should always. :)

    My next question...with all of the time spent with JJ over the last months and the much tighter bond that you have with him now, how are you preparing yourself to not see him daily?? Will you bring him with you for longer visits once you move, if you get the job?? That whole deal could create some serious separation anxiety for both of you. Are you even remotely preparing yourself and JJ at this point, or waiting still to see what pans out??

  4. It's incredible that we only notice the good, simple joys of life when they happen close to some shocking news.

  5. Someone very, very dear to me fought a hell of a battle against lung cancer; it's a terrifying, tragic and (often) misunderstood diagnosis. I'm sorry that it's touching your family.

    Moving forward and living our lives is always a little interesting - especially when something big/scary/unexpected hits us; I'm glad she's encouraging you to keep living yours.


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