Monday, April 20, 2009

A Monday kind of day

I woke up today just wanting to be alone and staying in bed. Thank god, we don't have internet at home. Otherwise, I would have no reason to leave the house. I'm at the library. I am doing the usual job search and unemployment filing. I just don't feel like dealing with people. So I am just going to try as hard as I can. I had a conversation with the librarian so at least I am not being to anti-social.

This weekend has been nice and sunny. Yesterday, I covered a lecture for the newspaper. It was nice being a reporter even for a few hours. Finished a great book while the boys were watching cartoons. My husband wants to get a X-box for our son. My husband has no interest in video games so I guess I will be X-box mommy.

For the next few days, my husband will be in training for a census job so a little more money will be coming in. I so hope I get this job. I guess that is why I am down. I have gotten my hopes up for several jobs since I became unemployed. Some days, it is hard to stay up and determined. When you are unemployed, everyday feels like a weekend. I help out friends and family by cleaning up or running errands for them. But what I really want is a job. With benefits. Days like this really affect my eating. So far, the only thing I have eaten was a bowl of cereal and two chocolate donuts. And it was hard convincing myself to eat. Plus, I have been hitting the orange soda pretty hard. I am glad I have this blog as an outlet. I am ready to work. Several fast food joints are hiring in the area. I am not above working at a fast food place for money. Bills have got to be paid. But being around food for eight hours a day is not what I need right now. So I am going to keep looking and hoping that I will get the JOB that I have want so bad.

Daily dose of gratitude:
1--I woke up this morning. Glad to be alive and kicking.
2--My hair seems to be growing back. In the past year due to my ED, I have shed a lot of hair. It used to be pass my shoulders but now is a bob length. It's cute.


  1. Trust me, I know all about the unemployment rut. You're taking the right steps though. Congrats on the healthier hair :) There are SO many benefits like that to recovery!

  2. Get off of your pitty party Silly are stronger than that!!! LOL! You WILL be't stop have come to can't let the norms of life that we all must mull through get the best of you. Keep your chin up!

    As for the X-Box...better think hard on that...exposure to the digital pictures displayed in video games can trigger seizures. You will want to be extra careful in this area with JJ!

    Luv you chick...and for the should get you a little Tony Braxton would be great for the Summer and give your hair a whole new starting ground...and it would be super sexy!!!...maybe while you are here, we can do a makeover on would make you feel great!

  3. the job rut definitely sucks (speaking as someone who's in it), but it's a part of what's there and it's okay, because when the time is right, things fall into place.


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