Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meeting the new therapist

Today, I met with my new therapist. It was a journey getting there. It started with my husband and I's cellphones not working this morning. I hate my cell phone provider. Once that was cleared, it was off to the unemployment office. I am eligible for 15 more weeks. Yay! This gives me much motivation to find a job. Hopefully, my main prospect will come through. After this, I went by the library and found a ton of new magazines for sale for 25 cents each. It was magazine junkie's dream.

Next, it was an almost hour long drive to the new therapist. Thank god for mapquest. For the purposes of this blog, we will call her Isla. She is very nice. Today, she asked questions about my ED and I. After the session, she noted that I have been through a lot for one person in a span of a year. She was amazed by the fact that I have went from 75 to 109.7 lbs. She asked me for an assessment of myself. I told her that I have come a looooong but has a ways to go. I still have some restricting issues, don't like to eat breakfast, have body image issues and still want to isolate myself from the world. And that for every two good days, there is a bad day lurking.

Her price was reasonable. My hubby gave the me the money so for now Isla is the one. But if I get this job, I will be moving and I will go back to UNC-Chapel Hill. But I am pleased with Isla. We decided we would meet every two weeks. It is all we can afford right now. I realize i have come a long way. A year ago, I wouldn't have admitted to anyone that i have an ED. Each day is a struggle but I feel I am up to the challenge. Last year at this time, I dreaded spring and pretty weather. I knew JJ would want to play and physically I was not up to it. Now--bring on the Spiderman soccer ball and the jungle gym because Mama is ready to play!!!!!!!.


  1. Spiderman soccer ball? That made me smile. I'm glad you've found a therapist to talk to right now. It's very easy to neglect recovery, put off looking for someone, etc. It's great that you've been so invested in your own health. That's 80% of the battle, isn't it?

  2. Go you....keep it up and stay on're gonna be fine...and I have a good feeling, back close to what is really home for you soon.


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